Is your car trying to tell you something?

Diagnostic Trouble Codes, known as DTCs, are alphanumeric codes that a vehicle’s computer outputs when it detects a malfunction. These codes are transmitted by a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system and can be accessed using a diagnostic scanner that connects to the OBD connector. Every vehicle manufactured after 1996 is equipped with an OBD-II computer—the modern OBD system.

Vehicles today are capable of relaying thousands of diagnostic trouble codes to anyone with the equipment to read them. Some vehicles like the Toyota Prius have more than 27 Electronic Control Units on board.

Supreme Automotive has a range of scan tools to extract DTCs to assist our Technicians with accurately diagnosing electronic faults with your car.  Our Staff are trained to extract the technical information and liaise with you to simply explain the faults.

Supreme Automotive uses a range of automotive scan tools to accurately diagnose and retrieve the DTC.  If the engine management light is illuminated on your dash, you should contact us today.  The light is warning you that there is a fault with the vehicle which may or may not be detrimental to the vehicle’s performance.

Our technicians will retrieve the code and in plain English inform you what/if anything needs to be done to rectify the fault.

In some of the latest model cars, important warning gauges like low level oil and low level coolant have been removed from the instrument cluster meaning that a driver may no longer easily identify the fault with the car. Quite often a simple fault like low oil will result in a DTC and check engine or a warning triangle being illuminated.

Rest assured, our highly trained technicians deal with these faults each day.


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