One could argue that the most important safety feature of your car is your brakes. There are a number of components which make up your brake system and all components are as important as each other. Most modern cars are equipped with Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) which have both electrical and hydraulic components.

The major components include:

  • ABS actutator
  • ABS wheel speed sensors
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) some cars have multiple ECUs
  • Disc brake rotors, calipers and pads

On commercial vehicles, the old style brake drum and linings are still used today which require adjustment to ensure the brakes work effectively and efficiently.

Regardless of the age of your car or the complexity of the braking system, Supreme Automotive will inspect your brake system as part of a routine service which should be conducted very 5000km -10000km.  The disc brake rotors have a limited life and are marked with a minimum thickness so whilst the brake rotor may look serviceable, it may well be dangerous.  Undersized rotors can cause brake failure as the brake caliper piston may push a worn disc brake pad out of the caliper rendering the brake system useless.


Whilst most passenger vehicles sold today are automatic, there are still a large number of manual vehicles on the road.

Supreme Automotive can service and repair manual transmissions including the clutch components.  A clutch is the important link between the engine and transmission and has four main components – flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate and a release bearing.  If one of these components is worn, it will make it difficult or uncomfortable for the driver to change gears.

A serviceable clutch allows the driver to smoothly engage the engine with the transmission for driver and similarly disengage the engine from the transmission to allow for the changing of gears.

A faulty clutch will not allow the engine flywheel to properly engage with the transmission and as such the engine may over-rev instead of drive. A worn pressure plate may make the clutch pedal feel very heavy and difficult to change gears. A worn pressure plate and flywheel may cause a shudder as the clutch is disengaged.

Call today and allow our technicians at Supreme Automotive inspect your car today and provide you with a free clutch health check.


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