Supreme Automotive undertake a full range of general mechanical repairs, including:

  • Engine overhauls and replacements
  • Transmission overhauls and replacements
  • Universal Joint replacements
  • Differential repairs and replacements
  • Steering component repairs and replacements
  • Diesel treatment for carbon build up

Diesel Carbon Build up

Over time carbon deposits builds up on the inner walls of the induction system. A diesel engine needs to draw in large amounts of air to operate efficiently.  This carbon restricts the flow of air, affecting the performance of your diesel engine.

Excessive carbon buildup in diesel engines is a prime cause of the black smoke. Excessive idling by diesel engines is also a main cause of carbon buildup on pistons, ring, injector and valves.

Carbon buildup is a bigger problem in diesel engines than it is with petrol engines.

At Supreme Automotive, we can improve performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from EGR and induction systems.



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