Supreme Automotive can install a cargo barrier to almost any make and model of vehicle.  The cargo barrier can be installed in the forward position in passenger vehicles to modify the vehicle into a panel van.  A special steel frame is fabricated and securely installed into the rear of the vehicle’s cabin.  Marine ply is secured to the steel frame and marine grade carpet is installed on the newly built flat surface to allow a smooth flat surface for the safe transport of goods.

Alternatively a cargo barrier can be installed in the rear position of the vehicle behind the second row of seats to protect your family from any loose articles in the luggage compartment.

Regardless of your requirements, our Staff can assist you with your modification needs and compliance the vehicle if necessary with a Queensland Modification Plate.

Corolla 2 seat modifcation

The more traditional type of cargo barrier installation is the location of the cargo barrier in the rear position behind the second row of seats.  In busses , we remove the rear row of seats and secure the cargo barrier.  Some passenger vehicles such as the Prius V which are used in commercial applications such as the taxi industry need to have the rear row of seats removed and a false floor installed along with the cargo barrier.


The Staff at Supreme Automotive have been modifying vehicles to be wheelchair accessible since 1995.  Supreme Automotive take great pride in its role as a strategic partner with the physically challenged community and as such are constantly innovating accessible vehicles.


Our range of accessibility modifications include:

  • Safety grab rails for mini buses
  • Safety steps for ease of access into mini buses
  • Folding seats for ease of access
  • Wheelchair restraint systems
  • Wheelchair loaders

Our wheelchair accessible vehicle modifications are state of the art using a unique type of water proof timber for the flooring of the bus known as Octago Flooring. Octago Flooring is crafted for demanding applications. Panels are coated with phenolic resin laminate imprinted with an hexagonal pattern. Reverse is coated with phenolic film. Octago Flooring is used as flooring panel in transport vehicles, industrial floors, work platforms, spectator stands and terraces. Supreme Automotive is the first organisation to use the product in its wheelchair accessible conversions in place of vinyl.

Supreme Automotive exclusively utilise the Q-Straint restraint system in all of its wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions.  The most common restraint that we use is the slide and click system.  The feedback received from taxi drivers and carers is how easy and quick the system is.  Q-Straint is well known and regarded for its safety and we are a proud installer of the product.

Supreme Automotive recommends the use of the Braun Millennium wheelchair loader and is a proud installer of all types of Braun lifts.

Telephone us today for your special pricing of our quality wheelchair vehicle conversions.

Slide and click restraint


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